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Public Talks Series



In A Cyber Threatened World


"CyberSecurity is No longer the Keyword - Survivability is"


A Unique Thought Leadership Public Engaging Approach in Response to

a Potentially Catastrophic New Cyber & Non-Cyber Threat Landscape


Join, Witness, & Engage In The New Mind-Set,  

Approach & Solutions Needed To Meet

The Critical Threats & Challenges

Now & in the 21st Century.


In Response To:


1- Cyber Attacks Breaching Organizations & Governments Daily, Globally & At Unprecedented Scales,

2- Resiliency, Continuity & Cyber Security Strategies Failing To Defend Routinely,

3- The Rise Of The New Breed Of Destruction-Motivated Cyber Terrorists Threatening Us All,

4- The Upsurge Of Politically-Motivated Cyber Hacks Aimed To Change The Political & Economic Directions Of Nations,

5- The Upscaled Sophistication & Intensification of Cyber Criminals,

6- Technology, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Evolving at Breakneck Speed,


* Can Top Business & Government Decision Makers Afford To Continue

To Operate ‘Business as Usual’?


*How Do They Prevent Becoming The Next Devastated Victims?  


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Innovative Thought Leadership Approach


Unlike other events, these MLi Group Public Talk events will address the latest interdependent events in cyber security, geo-politics, traditional terrorism, latest in cyber terrorism, political hacking, their economic and social impact on individuals, businesses and society, but most of all, the new mindset and innovative comprehensive and holistic solutions needed to mitigate them now and the 21st century that have escaped and mystified all other well known security experts and organizations.


Speakers, Format & Angle


The Talks will field expert speakers on relevant topics and themes that vary from IOT, DDos. Ransomware, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Mobile and Web Application Security, Cloud Security, Malware, Threat Intelligence, Secure System Design and Architecture, Critical National Infrastructure, Cyber Warfare and Cyber Crime to geo-politics on events like the Qatar crisis, Saudi Political Tsunami, North Korea, Trump Presidency, etc. The latest developments in the fight against terrorism and extremism of all kinds, such as ISIS, white supremacist, etc. will also be featured. So will unprecedented economic events unfolding in one part of the world but impacting stakeholders globally. They also will be featured.  Why are we doing this?


Can you Afford to Stay Under-Informed & in the Dark?


Today, a “New Era of the Unprecedented” is upon us. Political and terrorist destruction motivated cyber-attacks continue to rise unabated putting the world under never seen before threats. Businesses, governments and society are being breached, crippled and often devastated too routinely with no apparent solution in sight.


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February 7th, 2018, London UK click here to register

February 21st, 2018, London, UK click here to register

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Who Can Attend


Decision makers of all levels and members of the general public can register and attend. No access is granted without prior registration on Eventbrite.




Ticket numbers will always be limited. Please register early to avoid disappointment.  


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For more information email your enquiry to: EOI at MLiGrp dot com and one of our executives will get in touch.


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