The Multilingual Internet Names Consortium is a non-profit, non-governmental, international organization. It focuses on developing and promoting a truly multilingual Internet domain names and keywords, internationalization of Internet names standards and protocols, technical coordination and liaison with other international bodies.


It has organizational and individual members from all continents of the world, from industry, academia, research, government, investors and international organizations. If you are interested in making the Internet a level playing field for all languages and their respective people of the world, you should Join!


"Multilingualization is an exercise for the betterment of humanity with a moral sense of purpose. We champion the needs of the citizen of the global community to be able to access the Internet in his own native language. we don't treat the local citizen only as a consumer. Once he is given the opportunity to access information across language barriers he becomes a more inclusive and enlightened citizen, and a consumer of all things especially information and knowledge. These are some of the great benefits that Multilingualization will deliver." Khaled Fattal, Chairman & CEO, MINC

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