Summit Mission

2014 will witness the biggest ever global change to the Internet infrastructure since its creation decades ago which will revolutionize the way all stakeholders including consumers and citizens will use the Internet locally and globally; two certainties are guaranteed


1. The change will impact all.

2. The speed of change will not be kind to those who sit back and idly watch.


If you are a government leader, a regulatory body, a business innovator, a futurist academia, a brand owner, a start-up business, an entrepreneur, a service provider, or an end user from all over the world, attend the Multilingual Internet (MLi) Group’s GLOBAL SEISMIC INTERNET CHANGE SUMMIT SERIES 2014, in Beirut on 21 – 23 May, 2014


Join us to get ready for this seismic change and huge impulse created by the birth of the new Multilingual Internet Ecosystem, and search how to increase your awareness and preparedness of this global action that will change the internet landscape locally and globally.

Attend the Summit to Learn More about Cyber Security, Online Child Protection, Trade Marks Protection, New gTLDs and Many Other Hot Topics Related to the New Multilingual Internet Change.

Get in-depth knowledge by participating in the simultaneous series of workshop prepared for you about Cyber Security & Privacy, Trade mark and IP protection, New Internet Ecosystem, City gTLD,  IDN gTLDs,  Internet Governance, Legal Jurisdictions, Capacity building and community development, Online Child Protection.

All stakeholders need to learn about the New Multilingual Internet Ecosystem and understand the ramifications of this seismic change to the global Internet and the biggest change to its DNS (Domain Name System) since its creation.

Learn more about the new great potential of the emerging markets' current and next multi-billion internet users by attending this Summit, where you will have the opportunity to meet with the new internet leaders and explore the business potential behind this global change.

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Middle East and Africa Summit 

Multilingual Internet Group’s GLOBAL SEISMIC INTERNET CHANGE SUMMIT will take place from

21 - 23 May 2014 in MOVENPICK Hotel & Resorts – Beirut, Lebanon 

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