Live Multilingual Translator

Live Multilingual Translatorâ„¢ is a linguistic Technology and Service Company that Translates English websites to Arabic, Live, online and in Real Time, in addition to other services. We provide live and online Machine translations from English to Arabic (for now) with adherence to sentence structure, language rules and Grammar; the Syntax that brings meaning, life and identity to a rich and complex language like Arabic. Without this syntax a language is made up of only broken up words with no concept or meaning.



We help create English websites in Arabic with our proprietary Translation Technology on a subscription basis. Subscriber whom we create their sites in Arabic can expect to make their site and content reachable and readable by potentially many millions of new people some of whom would never have been able to reach or read their English website and content, until now. Go to and see our translation in full action in Ankabooot-ALTF at

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