MLi Group's current and past initiatives

Your complete Multilingual Media Partner to Localize or Globalize for the coming Multilingual Internet launched in 2013.,

The First Global Social Network to break the language barrier. Launched November 2012  during The United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt.

LMT translatesdto Arabic the websites of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum since 2007 as well as Time magazine, The Guardian,, China Daily, Tehran Times and many others.

SSL Certification based on International Recognition.


The Multilingual Internet Names Consortium. The  ealry champion for a Multilingual Internet.

MLi Grouo's consulting company on the biggest change in history to the DNS, the Internet's Domain Name System to bringing in a Multinlual Internet thru ICANN's The New gTLDs and IDN gTLDs.

Provide web services and domain names registration for .com .net .org and many others currently only in English. However, from 2012 we will aim to provide Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Hindi, Urdu and other IDN and Multilingual Domain Names Registrations   and their corresponding web services.

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MLi-Power provides a full range of specialized targeted consumer electronics products that enhance consumers way of life, like the Thinnest ever, High Capacity  External mobile Power Battery Chargers, and soon to be launched  MLi-CloudTV.  

With the daily failures of traditional Cyber strategies to defend businesses and governments and the rise of the destruction motivated new breed of cyber terrorism, “Poli-Cyber”  threatening Survivability at unprecedented scale -  What are top decision makers to do next?  MLiSS™ - The first Innovative, Comprehensive & Holistic Solution. Ask us how.

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