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Decision Maker Symposium & Private Briefings Series  

"TL-DMS" & "PB" 


"CyberSecurity is No Longer the Keyword -

Survivability is"  


TL-DMS & PB are organized by MLi Group & hosted by MLi Group & partner organizations

in capitals and major cities around the world.


With traditional Cyber-Strategies failing daily on a global scale, now amplified by politically, ideologically and destruction motivated cyber terrorists threatening us all, What do decision makers do next?  


Join The MLi Group Thought Leadership Decision Maker Symposium & Private Briefings


"CyberSecurity is No Longer the Keyword - 

Survivability is"


*Become aware of the new global paradigm change and the cyber and non-cyber threat landscape,

*Come to terms with the new destruction motivated Poli-Cyber™ hackers and their impact on you, *Realise the imminent and unprecedented threat they present to your organization's and/or government's Survivability, and, 


Witness & Engage In The New Mind-Set, Approach, & Solutions Needed

To Meet These Critical Challenges.





A Global Paradigm Change In The Cyber Threat Landscape


Traditional cyber defence strategies are failing daily to prevent conventional cyberattacks from breaching organisations and governments.


 Of greater concern are the new breed of cyber terrorists.  The “Poli-Cyber™” hacks, perpetrated and inspired by extremist groups, rogue states, and their proxies who are motivated not by financial gain, but political, religious, ideological, terror and destruction motivated agendas to inflict the maximum damage possible or the destruction of the target.  


What Are Top Decision Makers To Do Next?


    These latest threats are putting the “Survivability” of organizations at greater risk.  Unfortunately, many Chairmen, CEOs, MDs and Boards continue to be unaware, and their organizations unprepared, and more vulnerable than ever.


   Addressing These New Challenges Requires An Entirely New  

Mind-Set, Approach & New Solution



Who Gets Invited & Attends


   MLi Group TL-DMS & PB are specially formulated for chairmen, CEOs, Board members, senior Government and Regulatory bodies’ officials and top decision makers of organisations responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of their organizations.


   If you are a chairman, CEO, Board member, government official and wish to be invited to attend our next TL- DMS, or to request a Private Breifing please email the MLi Group on with your Expression of Interest (EOI).


Host a TL-DMS or PB


  To host an MLi  TL-DMS or PB for your own clients, C-Suite, or Board,

or for Sponsorship, Partnership or other opportunities contact us


Special Notes


TL-DMS are publicly or privatly announced and are operated strictly on a "By-Invitation-Only".

PB are always privately organized.




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