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Birth of the Multilingual Internet & Landscape Ecosystem:


Multilingual Internet Group (MLi Group) announces Global Summit & Seminar series "GSS" to help local and global communities and organisations be prepared.



London Sep 4, 2013 – The Multilingual Internet Group (MLi Group is proud to announce the launch of its Series of Summits, Conferences, and Events (SC&E) on the Seismic Changes to the Global Internet and the Birth of the Multilingual Internet Ecosystem.  


The Series, which  will be streamed live to other cities and  key hub centers will kick-off in Q4 this year leading into mid to late 2014 in key regions, capitals, and cities in emerging markets such as the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, and the Far East. Initial locations, cities and dates will be announced shortly with more to follow periodically.


Our Summits and events are designed to raise awareness, debate effective local responses, and initiate local legacy programs and collaborations. Our goal is to help create localized solutions to existing and new local problems coming from this global seismic change to the global Internet but also help create an empowering Multilingual Internet Ecosystem,” comments Mr Khaled Fattal, Chairman of the Multilingual Internet Group.


Today only 22 gTLDs (.com, .net, .org… etc) exist. Soon, more than a 1,000 new suffixes will be introduced. Some of these suffixes will be in languages including Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic, Japanese, Urdu, Hindi and many others. In themselves, these are firsts for the Internet since its creation more than 30 years ago. They will also   usher in a new Multilingual Domain Name space but not yet a full Multilingual Internet Ecosystem that can empower local communities. This seismic change will also create grave new risks, challenges and confusions but also represent great new opportunities for new innovation and services especially in the non-English-speaking world, for new local creativity, relevance and accessibility.


Jan Corstens (partner, Deloitte, operators of the Trademark Clearinghouse) said on this occasion: “The rollout of the new gTLD program offers brand owners a lot of new and unique opportunities yet there are also threats. ICANN created The Trademark Clearinghouse in response to concerns raised by brands about trademark protection during the rollout of hundreds of new web addresses. Powered by Deloitte and IBM, it is the only ICANN authorised IP protection mechanism that offers trademark protection across every single new domain extension being launched. Although the launch of the new web domains is imminent it is clear that there needs to be a greater effort to educate and assist intellectual property owners in preparing for the new gTLD program and events as these organized by MLi Group are crucial in that effort.”


Dr. Imad Y. Hoballah (Chairman and CEO, Lebanon Telecommunications Regulatory Authority) also commented: “These changes about to hit the global Internet open the world at large to new horizons for each and every citizen anywhere in the world creating opportunities to create and excel against new big challenges brought by these same changes. The efforts and events pioneered and organized by MLi Group are necessary, engaging, cultural, scientific and needed for business, governments, and end users. Experiences shared by local and international experts with local stakeholders to educate and navigate them into this new internet world are paramount.”


Khaled Fattal later added: “Most players in these key regions and emerging markets like business, academia, government, and especially end users / Netizens have no clue about this coming change that is about to hit them or its magnitude that will impact them, their Internet, and their current internet landscape let alone know of its serious risks to prepare for or its opportunities to leverage”.


The Multilingual Internet Group’s series of events will help develop a critically needed new knowledge base and mechanisms in these communities to be ready. Plans are already underway to launch local MLi initiatives in collaboration with key local and international partners to create capacity and processes in these regions that would empower them maximising the potential from this seismic internet shift.


The next Multi-billion Internet users will come from the very regions of emerging markets where our events will take place. Our strategic goal behind the series of summits, conferences, and events is  to educate all levels of local communities especially their local netizens about this coming seismic change that will most certainly impact them, to empower them to innovate local creative solutions and turn them from potential victims into positive and enabling factors to better their lives and their communities” Fattal concluded.


The events are expected to attract local and international Internet industry players like Regulators, ecommerce players, governments, brand-owners and technology leaders, as well as traditional business operators, NGOs, local entrepreneurs and creative minds. Parties interested in attending, sponsoring, or hosting are asked to contact us advising of their interest. For any other inquiries please contact us at or visit our website at



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The Multilingual Internet Group, MLI Group, consists of many companies and organizations. MLi-Media, your complete Multilingual Media Partner to Localize, Globalize, and leverage the coming Multilingual Internet in 2013. Ankabooot, the first Global Social Network to break the language barrier, launched November 2009 during The United Nations Internet Governance Forum in Sharm El-sheikh, Egypt. LMTranslator, which translates to Arabic the websites of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum since 2000 and many publications like Time magazine, The Guardian, China Daily, and many others. ArabicSSL, localized SSL Certification based on International Recognition.  MINC, The Multilingual Internet Names Consortium; a leading player championing Multilingualism of the Internet before and during and since the world Summit on information Society (WSIS). WebSynergys, our consulting company that leverages the Biggest Change in History to Internet's Domain Name System to bringing in a Multilingual Internet thru ICANN's New gTLDs and IDN gTLDs. Ankabooot Domains & Web Services provides web services and domain names registration for .com, .net, .org, and many others currently only in English. MLi-Power provides a full range of specialized targeted consumer electronics products that enhance consumers’ way of life worldwide like the Thinnest ever, High Capacity External mobile Power Battery Chargers. To be launched soon, MLi-Spring and MLi-CloudTV.

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