A Global Paradigm Change


Cyber threats are evolving at breakneck speed, and your current cyber insurance policy may no longer be fit for the purpose of protecting you against cyber breaches. the latest “Poli-Cyber™” threats perpetrated and inspired by extremist groups like isis/daesh and rogue states have caused a global paradigm change in the cyber and non-cyber threat landscape.


Poli-cyber™ hackers are far worse than conventional hackers. they will ransomware you, but won’t stop there. they will steal, damage, destroy, and expose your data but won’t stop there. they will ddos attack you and won’t stop there either. they will only stop when there is nothing more they can gain, either in ransom, publicity, fame, or intelligence, and they gain the most by causing maximum damage or destroying their targets, showing their followers they can achieve victories against their enemy.


A Poli-Cyber™ Breach To Remember


The tv5monde french tv station cyber hack  june 2015, claimed by “cybercaliphate” on behalf of isis, was but the tip of the iceberg of publicly known poli-cyber hacks. it also signalled the reality of this global paradigm change and the new wave of destructive cyber attacks by extremist groups to come.    


Today, top decision makers of businesses around the world need to wake up and come to grips with the new reality that they are now political and ideological targets of these extremist groups. this is not a threat to short-term profitability. this is a threat to survivability.


MLiSS™ Cyber Insurance Audit


With corporate survivability at greater risk, how does an organization find out if their cyber insurance policy is fit for purpose, especially if their current broker hasn’t or can’t offer them an up to date solution?


MLi Group offers the “mliss™ cyber insurance audit”. it is a highly confidential in depth assessment of the client's existing cyber insurance policy, if they have one. if they do not possess one, the audit is then an assessment of their needs to determine and recommend the ideal cyber coverage(s) for them.


This specialised “audit” identifies ambiguities and conflicting clauses in the clients’ current cyber policies that would give their insurance carriers grounds to deny a claim. it concludes with recommendations and identification of more appropriate cyber policies and actions to consider.  the audit is a highly specialised professional and unique service undertaken for the client, not a sales instrument.


It is critical for businesses all over the world to learn if their cyber insurance will cover them or not before they are cyber breached, need to file a claim, discover they won’t pay, or be forced to resort to legal recourse.


What's Your Next Move To Protect Your Corporate Survivability


Organizations wishing to engage “MLISS™ cyber insurance audit”, inquire about our rates, learn more about MLi Group Survivability Solution™ and its unique and critical pillars, or how MLI Group can help your organization better secure your survivability, please send your expression of interest to EOI (@) MLiGrp (dot) com and one of our executives will get in touch.  


















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