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MLi Group Announces The Formation of MLiSS™ Advisory Board.


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The Multilingual Internet Group (MLi Group) announces the formation of a dedicated Advisory Board (AB) for its Survivability Solution™ whose motto is: "CyberSecurity is No longer the Keyword - Survivability is”.  


The Initial members of the Advisory Board include Dr Imad Hoballah, ICTT Chairman and CEO and former Chairman and CEO of the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Lebanon,  Mr Steve Durbin, Managing Director of the Information Security Forum (ISF), Dr Emma Philpott CEO of the IASME Consortium Ltd.


On the occasion of the formation of this Advisory Board, MLi Group chairman Khaled Fattal said: “This is a very important step for MLi Group and MLiSS™ to bring internationally recognized experts with specialized skills and experiences from across many sectors to join us in shaping how to best help local and global stakeholders and society overall to secure survivability. I have asked Dr Imad Hoballah to co-chair this committee with me, and I am pleased he has accepted”.


The MLi Group Survivability Solution™, MLiSS™, provides a unique, comprehensive and holistic approach to help businesses and governments around the world not only elevate their cyber security defences against the relentless conventional cyber attacks breaching organizations daily and governments routinely but also the latest cyber threats perpetrated by the new breed of cyber terrorists like ISIS/Daesh and rogue states and which the MLi Group has labeled  “Poli-Cyber™ terrorism ”.


One of the key motivations of the Poli-Cyber™ terrorists is to cause maximum damage or destruction of the target for maximum publicity. This grave new threat and its motivation, which differs significantly from those behind conventional cyber threats, have caused a global paradigm change in the cyber threat environment. The majority are still unaware of this paradigm change or its potential catastrophic threat to their  “Survivability” let alone know how to tackle such a new threat.  


The MLiSS™ model includes numerous Pillars & Processes, special mechanisms and components. A comprehensive bolstering of cyber defences is but one of many of the MLiSS’s unique Pillars & Processes.


Dr. Imad Hoballah said: “I am very happy to co-chair and serve on the MLiSS Advisory Board of the MLi Group with such distinguished members. I also believe that survivability today is at great risk”.


He later added: “I congratulate the MLI Group and chairman Fattal on their vision, their innovative solution, and their bold move to aggressively and proactively tackle “Survivability” in the way they are. What the MLi Group is offering stakeholders worldwide will make a big difference to educate stakeholders and society and help them be better prepared to secure their present and future".


Steve Durbin of ISF, stated: “I am delighted to be able to contribute to improving the resilience of organisations by supporting the ideals and practices behind the ever increasing issues related to survivability at the global level.  Such developments can only support the ever increasing need for boards and stakeholders both to be aware of the challenges and to take the necessary steps to ensuring that the benefits and risks associated with operating in cyberspace are properly understood and appropriately managed”.


Emma Philpot of ISAME Consortium commented: “I am excited about contributing to the Advisory Board and working with The MLi Group on the critical area of Survivability."


The MLiSS™ advisory board will be tasked with advising and assisting the MLi Group and its MLiSS™ on strategic and operational levels and across many sectors. They will focus on enhancing existing local and international protocols, and on formulating new  “Best Practices” and models. Where requested or needed, members will speak at MLi Group Decision Maker Symposiums, Seminars, Briefings, and Summits. They will also assist in helping local and global stakeholders become better informed and protected against the latest cyber threats, especially those with destructive motivation which pose special risk to vital corporate, national, and international infrastructures.


For photos and bios of Advisory Board Members please see below.


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About MLi Group

Over more than two decades The Multilingual Internet Group (MLi Group) has launched many companies,  NGOs and initiatives. MLi Group was one of the early pioneers  in championing  a Global Multilingual Internet Ecosystem with technical and policy developments when it was not a trendy topic. MLi and its chairman worked directly with and helped influence directions of many international organizations like the United nations, ITU, ICANN, and fortune 500 tech and non tech companies including many local language communities all over the world and across many sectors of society and disciplines.


In September 2013 MLi launched its Global Summit & Seminar Series “GSS” to create awareness about  “The New MiLE™, a new Multilingual Internet’s & Landscape Ecosystem , full of great new opportunities but heavily burdened with grave new Poli-Cyber™ threats impacting stake holders globally.


It  also launched  recently The MLi Group Survivability Solution™, a unique technical and non technical model designed to offer stakeholders all over the world a new solution that can help them tackle conventional cyber attacks breaching organizations and governments routinely but become better prepared for the grave Poli-Cyber™ threats perpetrated by rogue states and extremist groups like ISIS/Daesh whose motivation is to cause maximum damage or destruction of the target for maximum publicity, threatening stakeholders’  Survivability on a global scale.. For more information please go to

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