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MI6 Chief Alex Younger - ISIS

Your "Survivability" is

Under  "Unprecedented" Threat.


Still in Doubt?


Watch & Listen to MI6 Head Alex Younger's Chilling Warning About ISIS/Daesh & Consider:


1- The grave threat to your "Survivability" by continuing to reply on traditional Cyber Strategies that are struggling at best, or failing routinely,


2- Is NON-ACTION an option?


On December 8, 2016, MI6 Head Alex Younger gave a chilling warning of "unprecedented" threats to the UK and its allies from ISIS/Daesh

"without having to leave Syria".

(Watch video above, courtesy of BBC News).


Since late 2013, The MLi Group has been informing, helping, and advising  businesses, governments and the global community of a global paradigm change in the cyber threat landscape, and of ISIS/Daesh threats to “Survivability”, calling it:


"The New Breed of Detruction Motivated Cyber Terrorism”


Labeling it:



Defining it as:

“Cyber Attacks Perpetrated and/or Inspired by Extremist Groups Like ISIS/Daesh, Rogue States, National Cyber Agencies, & their Proxies”.


So today,

With traditional cyber strategies struggling at best, or failing daily,


What Do Decision Makers Do Next? 


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How can you become prepared for this "unprecedented” threat

putting your “Survivability” at risk?


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