"CyberSecurity is No longer the Keyword - Survivability is” 


A Unique Solution to a Catastrophic New Cyber Threat Environment.



                   A GLOBAL PARADIGM CHANGE 


Today, traditional approaches are failing daily in defending against conventional cyber attacks breaching organizations and governments. Worse, however, the latest “Poli-Cyber™” threats perpetrated by rogue states and extremist groups like ISIS/Daesh with the motivation to inflict maximum damage and/or destruction of the target for maximum publicity have caused a global paradigm change. This has added a new and exponentially greater threat level to an already unfixed and perplexing problem.  

This global paradigm change and new threat level are putting Survivability of stakeholders all over the world at significantly greater risk.

Addressing this requires an entirely new mindset, strategy, and an implementable solution.


                WHAT THE EXPERTS SAY  


In his book Islamic State: The Digital Caliphate, author and expert Middle East journalist Abdel-Bari Atwan, the man who also interviewed Osama Bin Laden in 1996, describes ISIS as having a "Cyber Caliphate Division that successfully attacked the US government’s Central Command”.


Robert Hannigan, Britain’s GCHQ Director, commented in 2015: “determined hackers can get in.  They can cause damage.  Can the business or public service keep going?”[i].  


Later in June 2016 Hannigan referred to ISIS and rogue states, warning: “Terrorists and rogue states are gaining the capability to bring a major city to a standstill with the click of a button”[ii].


Ian West, who heads up NATO’s cyber-security services says: “The threat landscape is vast, from malware and hacktivists to organised criminals and state-sponsored attacks.  Things that we thought impossible can be done.”[iii].


West’s 200-strong team covers operations for about 100,000 people at 34 NATO sites. “Our intrusion detection systems find around 200m suspicious events each day”[iv] says West. The unit confirmed five very serious cyber attacks per week during 2014.  Cyber terrorism is now treated in military and political circles as seriously as conventional attacks with bombs and tanks.  


                 WHAT IS MLISS™  


The MLi Group Survivability Solution is specially designed to address the conventional and new Poli-Cyber™ threats. It incorporates fundamental and holistic “Pillars & Processes” that an organization must address on its journey to better securing its Survivability, using both cyber and non-cyber strategies.  


                Why The World Needs MLiSS™


* Traditional approaches to mitigating the threats and damage caused by conventional cyber attacks are failing daily.  

* Mitigating the potentially catastrophic damage caused by the new Poli-Cyber™ threats requires an entirely new mindset and strategy.

* It is no longer about just cyber defense, crisis management and/or damage limitation It is about the ability of the organization to defend attacks and survive breaches.

* It is now about Securing Survivability. 


             Why is MLiSS™ Unique?


MLiSS™ uniqueness is in its Out of the Box approach, its Pillars and Processes, their holistic comprehensiveness and interdependency, in a packaged solution, designed to tackle conventional and the new Poli-Cyber™ threats . MLiSS™ is unmatched by any solution available today.


Additionally, MLiSS™ becomes tailored around the needs and specifics of the organisation in ways never envisioned before by top Decision Makers.


MLiSS™ is not an Aspirin pill, a quick fix, nor a simple solution or download. It requires a new mindset for a new strategic approach with its unique combination of “Pillars & Processes”, special services and instruments, specifically designed to help organization become better equipped and prepared to defend cyber attacks and survives breaches.  


              Most are Still Unaware and ill-Prepared


Alarmingly, the vast majority of decision makers like chairmen, CEOs and Board members of multinationals and SMEs and governments are still unaware of just how vulnerable they are.  Cyber security defences are being breached routinely, and traditional cyber defence strategies are failing daily, compromising organizations and shareholders data and governmental institutions at scales not seen before.  In some instances, Cyber breaches have caused “the death” of some organizations where “Trust” was compromised. Corporations of all sizes as well as governmental bodies are now at more risk than ever before.


             Call to Action


Decision Makers like Chairmen, CEOs and Board members who come to terms with the awareness and fact that Survivability is now at greater risk have already taken the first step of their journey to securing their organization’s Survivability.

The next step is to contact us for a no obligation initial confidential consultation to learn how and why MLiSS™ can help you and your organizations achieve this in ways no other solution can.  


             Private Briefings & Decision Maker Symposiums (DMS)


For those still unaware or unsure of the fact that Survivability is at stake, the MLi Group organizes Decision Maker Symposiums (DMS), Seminars and Briefings all over the world titled: “CyberSecurity is No longer the Keyword - Survivability is”.


Click here for more information or contact us to receive an invitation to a DMS in a city / country near you.

Private briefings and DMS can also be organized for Boards and C-Suite at their request, and can be held at their HQ anywhere in the world.   Contact us to book one or for more information.


              Start Your Journey To Survivability Today


If you are ready to start your journey to securing your organization’s Survivability or still have questions, feel free to contact us.  We are happy to provide a no-obligation first confidential consultation, with any Chairman, CEO, Board member or senior Government official.


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To obtain your no-obligation first confidential consultation, or just to learn more. Contact us by sending in your enquiry to: MLiSS-Enquiries (@ ) MLiGrp (.) com and we will get in touch to determine what your needs are and where to start your journey to securing your Survivability.


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