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"Securing Survivability In

A Destruction Motivated

Cyber Threatened World"


"CyberSecurity is No longer the Keyword - Survivability is"


A Unique Solution to a Catastrophic New Cyber Threat Environment


A Global Paradigm Change


Today, cyber attacks are evolving at breakneck speed. The world is also witnessing the rise of a new breed of destruction-motivated “Poli-Cyber™”terrorist groups such as ISIS/Daesh, rogue states, and proxies perpetrating  or inspiring cyber and non cyber attacks for political, ideological, and religious agendas. They are breaching organizations, national infrastructures, and governments almost daily. This is a global paradigm change in the cyber threat landscape, and only the tip of the iceburg of graver things to come.


Traditional Cyber Strategies Failing


With traditional cyber strategies struggling at best, and failing routinely, how can Decision Makers defend and protect national and corporate interests against already serious conventional attacks, now augmented by Poli-Cyber™?  Is this a threat to our “Survivability”?


Join, Witness, & Engage

In The New Mind-Set, Approach, & Solutions

Needed To Meet These Critical Challenges & Needs.


Innovative Summit Structure & Solutions


This MLi Group Summit is structured and designed to offer innovative solutions to decision makers for today’s struggling Cyber defense strategists. Its unique theme, title, tracks, corresponding plenaries and workshops are a comprehensive and holistic approach to addressing both conventional and new Poli-Cyber™ attacks perpetrated by the destruction motivated new breed of Cyber terrorists, rogue states and their proxies that threaten “Survivability”. All tracks’ themes (see below) are aligned with and reflect key Critical Pillars of the MLi Group Survivability Solution™, MLiSS™, illustrating the new Mind-Set and actions needed to start your journey to being better prepared.


Summit Modality

Each Track will have a High-Level Plenary Panel and corresponding workshop(s) / training session(s).

Tracks 1-3 will take place on Day One, and Tracks 4-6 on Day two. Tracks’ Plenaries will take place in the main Hall between 9am until lunch time. Tracks’ corresponding workshops, and other related workshops or training sessions will take place from 2pm until 5pm in breakout rooms.  There will be a minimum of one workshop per track and a maximum of three.        


Tracks’ Themes and Titles:


1. Track 1: Trust & Cyber/info Security.

    a -  “Why Are Traditional Cyber Strategies Struggling to Defend, or Failing, Routinely?

    b -  “What Are the Consequences When Trust is Damaged”.  

    c -  “Is Comprehensive Cyber / Information Security Achievable in Today’s Environment? How?”


2. Track 2:  Geo-Political & Poli-Cyber™  Risk Exposure.

   “Is Your Geo-Poli-Cyber™ Risk Exposure A Threat To Your Survivability?”


3. Track 3: Cyber Insurance.

   “Is an up-to-date Cyber Insurance Policy A Luxury You Cannot Afford, Or A Necessity For Survivability?”


4. Track 4: Communications and Incident Response.

   “Communications & Incident Response Mechanism In A Poli-Cyber™ Threatened World”.


5. Track 5: Cyber Training.

   “Role of Cyber Training In Securing Corporate & National Survivability”


6. Track 6”: Empowering Startups & Innovatiors & Make Them Part of The New Solution.

   “Innovator Meet Accelerator Investor, iMai™”



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A Call to Action


Decision Makers like Chairmen, CEOs, Board members and department heads are already starting to come to terms that traditional cyber strategies are failing daily but don't know what to do next. With "Survivability" today at greater risk than ever, the time for hesitation or contemplation is over - this is the time for actions based on informed decision making processes to mitigate these new destructive threats and before it is too late. The journey to securing their organization’s "Survivability" starts with the first step.


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